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2021 DSE English Paper 2 題目、5** 答案【狀元 5** 範文】


2022 dse english paper 2

​2021 DSE English Paper 2 Part A

Question 1 (short task)

You are helping your school organise the annual school fair. You have been asked to make an announcement about the event during the morning assembly.

Use the poster below to help you write your announcement. In your announcement:

  • Introduce the event.

  • Describe some of the activities that will take place.

  • Let students know how they can help out.

dse english writing

​2021 DSE English Paper 2 Part B

Choose ONE question and write about 400 words.

Question 2

Learning English through Social Issues

Although studies show electric cars are more environmentally friendly than petrol cars, less than 3% of all vehicles sold in 2020 worldwide were electric.

Write a letter to editor of Hong Kong Post.

  • Discuss why sales of electric vehicles are so low.

  • Suggest what can be done to attract more people to drive these vehicles.

Question 3

Learning English through Workplace Communication

You work in the sales department at Fast Fashion, an online company that sells clothes. Recently, you have received a number of complaints from customers about the company’s no-exchange/no-refund policy.

Write an email to the sales manager.

  • Explain why you think this policy should be changed.

  • Suggest what changes could be made.

  • Discuss ways to prevent customers from taking advantage of the new policy.

Question 4

Learning English through Sports Communication

You are a professional athlete looking for a career change. You have seen the job vacancy shown below and would like to apply for the position of Assistant Coach.

​Hong Kong Sports Foundation is hiring Assistant Coaches

​Main duties:

  • To design training programmes for elite athletes

  • To organize international sporting competitions

  • To identify and support local talent

Write a job application letter to the Human Resources Manager.

  • Introduce yourself and your athletic history.

  • Explain your interest and suitability for the job.

Question 5

Learning English through Debating

A social media influencer is a person who is paid by a company to promote goods and services through their social media networks.

Surveys show that a majority of millennials trust the advice of social media influencer over traditional media advertisements.

Write an argumentative essay.

  • Discuss whether social media influencers are more trustworthy than traditional media advertisements.

  • Give reasons to support your point of view.

​範文 Sample Essay


值得學習的地方 Key Takeaway

Question 6

Learning English through Popular Culture

You took part in a social media challenge called ‘The 21-day Gratitude Challenge’. For three weeks, you kept a journal about the things you were thankful for on a daily basis.

After completing the challenge, participants are invited to share their experience on the 21-day Gratitude Challenge website.

Write a blog post.

  • Explain why you accepted this challenge and what you hoped to achieve.

  • Reflect on the 21 days and whether taking on this challenge has changed you in any way.

Question 7

Learning English through Short Stories

You are joining a short story contest organised by a book shop.

  • Write a scary story about a security guard on duty one night.

  • Use the pictures to help you write your story. You can use the pictures in any order.

dse english writing

​範文 Sample Essay

Once upon a spooky night, inside the government headquarters, there were two security guards tasked with monitoring surveillance cameras. Fred and Dave, the vigilant duo, settled into the security room, ready for a night of keeping watch.

The hours passed by uneventfully, and boredom started to creep in. Fred couldn't help but stifle a yawn while Dave fought against the drowsiness threatening to overpower him. Just as the monotony reached its peak, an alarm pierced through the silence, jolting them both from their slumber-like state.

Fred, wide-eyed and alert, sprang into action. "Dave! Wake up! We've got an alarm!" he shouted, nudging his sleep-addled colleague.

Dave blinked groggily, rubbing his eyes. "What? Alarm? What's going on?"

Fred sighed impatiently. "We have to check it out, Dave. Stay awake!"

Grabbing their walkie-talkies, they prepared to venture out into the unknown. Fred glanced at Dave's tired face and added, "You stay here, Dave. Keep an eye on the screens. I'll go investigate."

With a nod, Dave replied, "Alright, be careful out there, Fred."

As Fred stepped into the dimly lit corridor, he clutched his walkie-talkie tightly. The flickering lights overhead created eerie shadows, causing him to shiver involuntarily. He took a deep breath to calm his nerves, but just then, the walkie-talkie emitted an ear-piercing scream.

Startled, Fred almost dropped the device. "What in the world? Who's there? Can you hear me?" he exclaimed, holding the walkie-talkie close to his ear.

Amidst the piercing screams, a frightened voice managed to break through the chaos. "Help... please... something... can't..." a girl desperately cried.

Fred's heart raced as he strained to decipher the terrified pleas. "Hold on! I'm coming! Just stay on the line!" He shouted, his voice filled with urgency.

As he followed his hunch and walked toward the end of the corridor, Fred's mind raced with concern for the girl on the other end of the walkie-talkie. "Almost there." he muttered to himself.

Finally, he reached a metallic exit door, his hand trembling as he pushed it open. The screaming stopped all of a sudden. And to his surprise, he discovered a walkie-talkie lying on the floor, abandoned and silent. His brows furrowed in confusion as he scanned the empty room.

"Anyone?" Fred called out, his voice echoing through the eerie silence. But there was no response, only the chilling emptiness of the room.

An unsettling feeling settled over Fred as he pondered the disappearance of the screaming girl. "Where did she go? How did she vanish into thin air?" he wondered.

Fred were baffled with more questions than answers. With a heavy heart, he picked up the walkie-talkie on floor and retraced his steps back to the security room.

To this day, the story of the girl's disappearance remains a haunting mystery within the government headquarters. And whenever Fred walks those dark corridors, he can't help but feel a chill down his spine, a constant reminder that some secrets are meant to remain shrouded in darkness.

值得學習的地方 Key Takeaway


Question 8

Learning English through Poems and Songs

You read this poem in class and your teacher has asked you to write an essay on the theme of friendship.

New Friends and Old Friends

Make new friends, but keep the old.

One is silver, the other is gold.

Friendships that have stood the test –

Time and change – are surely best.

Cherish friendship in your breast –

New is good but old is best.

Joseph Parry (1841 – 1903)

Use these questions to help you write your essay:

  • What is the difference between old and new friendships?

  • Do you agree that older friendships are better than new ones?

Question 9

Learning English through Drama

You want to be a screenwriter and have an idea of a TV drama series about three generations of a family.

Write a letter to the production manager at TV-Station X.

  • Introduce the characters, plot and setting of your TV drama.

  • Explain why you think this idea would be popular with viewers.

dse english writing


針對學生英文作文時的各類痛處,以下收輯了 Ms Priscilla 學習心得和解決方法,切忌錯過!

​常見痛處 + 解決方法 100%原創

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2022 dse english paper 2


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